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The ŠKODA Connect App

ŠKODA Connect is the official mobile app from ŠKODA which helps you to stay connected - whether you’re in, out, or a long way away from your car.

The app is made up of 3 core services:

  • The Infotainment Online features improves your in-car experience.

The Infotainment Online package offers traffic reports, news, weather updates and advanced navigation in connection with Google Earth. This means you have better foresight of your journey before you start.

SKODA Connect Media

  • Care Connect gives you remote access to your car whenever you’re away from it.

With Care Connect you can view your parking position, receive alerts if your car alarm has been activated, and check your fuel levels, no matter where you are. Accessible via your smartphone and the ŠKODA Connect app,

SKODA Connect Wifi

  • Emergency call is an automated alert system that notifies our support team in the event of an emergency.

Emergency Call is a clever system that detects if the airbag control unit has been triggered and instantly connects to our ŠKODA Emergency Centre, providing details on your situation so help can be provided as quickly as possible.

SKODA Connect Emergency

To make the most of these services sign up to the ŠKODA CONNECT PORTAL to manage your account and control your car from your smartphone.

The app is available from both the Apple and Android app stores, download now: