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An agility arrangement allows businesses to gain eventual ownership of their chosen smart vehicle. Agility is a great option for any business users who have been given a budget to purchase a smart vehicle privately (replacing a company car). The arrangement consists of a series of monthly repayments, culminating in a "balloon" payment at the end of the agreement. At this stage, the organisation can choose to own the car outright, or can return the vehicle if it so chooses.

How Agility Agreements work

To begin an Agility agreement your business will initially pay a deposit on the vehicle and decide the term of your agreement. This is followed by a series of fixed monthly payments which last for an agreed period of time - often between two and five years. Your dedicated Business Manager will then advise you of the Guaranteed Future Value of your new or used smart car which is worked out by the deposit and the monthly payments being subtracted from the vehicle's total cost, and at the end of the term you can make the final payment (based on the anticipated future value of your smart) and take ownership of the car, or return it to us.

Annual Mileage

At the start of your agreement the annual mileage is used to estimate the value of the vehicle when the agreement ends. If you do exceed this mileage allowance (which you will be able to find in your finance agreement), it may accelerate the vehicles depreciation and there will be an excess mileage charge to pay, which will be worked out on a pence-per-mile basis.

Advantages of Agility

  • Agility offers no large initial outlay
  • Easy to budget fixed monthly payments
  • Payments are based on a proportion of the smarts value, ensuring your monthly payments are kept low
  • By having the choice of an Optional Purchase Payment Lookers smart can reduce your monthly payments
  • Guaranteed Future Value avoids risk of unplanned depreciation of your smart
  • Option to defer your ownership decision until the end of your Agility agreement
  • You can upgrade your smart car every two or three years
  • Your smart is an asset on the balance sheet
  • An additional line of credit

  • What to do at the end of your Agility agreement

    • Purchase your smart using the Optional Purchase Payment: "Purchase Activation Fee" will be debited from your account if purchased. To find out how much this is please look at your agreement under the "other financial information" section. Doing this will complete the purchase of your smart, leaving you free to simply enjoy your vehicle.
    • Hand back the smart: Be sure to check your smart for any unacceptable damage before handing back to us. Avoiding fees can be easy if you follow your Vehicle Return Standards and do not go over the agreed mileage.
    • Purchase and part-exchange your smart for a new one: The "Purchase Activation Fee" will be debited from your account as per option 1. This will then complete the purchase of your smart, leaving you open to part-exchange your new smart.

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