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The New Vauxhall Combo Life

In Lookers Vauxhall dealership now the new Combo Life offers spaciousness, versatility and solid design. It’s a practical leisure vehicle, ideal for active lifestyles, so you can hit the open road and enjoy the great outdoors whenever you like.


The exterior of the vehicle displays a typical Vauxhall identity with sculptured details enhancing the feeling of precision and solidity. The high bonnet with two crisp lines, from the windshield down to the grille, emphasise the stability of the vehicle.

Available as a 4.4-metre or a longer 4.75-metre long model, both feature two sliding rear doors as standard. Both variants have a height of 1.8 metres and will be available with either five or seven seats, ensuring that even large families or groups such as sports teams, can enjoy a spacious and comfortable ride.

The versatile Combo Life can also double as a small transporter. With the rear seats folded down, the boot volume of the standard version more than triples to 2,126. The longer version of the Combo Life offers an even larger capacity of 2,693 with folded rear seats.


The interior has been designed with driver convenience and passenger comfort in mind. Controls are within easy reach and the centre console is clearly divided in three areas. The infotainment system dominates the upper portion and sits above the heating and ventilation controls. Chrome accents on the steering wheel, on the door handles and in the air vents add further character and a premium finish.

Three individual rear seats, all with ISOFIX child seat brackets, and the optional panoramic glass roof, make longer trips more comfortable for the whole family. 
Transporting a large amount of luggage for a family holiday or sports team trips is also easy thanks to the spacious luggage volume. The five-seat, standard length version has a minimum luggage volume of 597 litres, while the long wheelbase model has a minimum luggage volume of 850 litres.


The Combo Life is fitted with a host of technologies to make every drive a breeze.

Technology and safety features include:

  • The Head-up display, which reduces the danger of distractions and projects the most important driving data into the driver’s direct line of sight.
  • Forward collision alert with pedestrian detection and Automatic Emergency Braking that issues an alarm and a visual warning, and will brake automatically if the driver does not react to the alerts.
  • Front camera system, which gathers and processes data for additional driver assistance systems such as Speed Sign Recognition and Lane Keep Assist.
  • Automatic Cruise Control adapts to the speed of the vehicle in front. It works in conjunction with Intelligent Speed Adaptation, which informs the driver when a new speed limit is detected and prompts the driver to adjust the speed accordingly.
  • Driver Drowsiness Alert detects for signs of driver fatigue and suggests the driver takes a break at the next service station.
  • Heated steering wheel and heated front seats keep the chill at bay.

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