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Viva Forever!

3rd December 2014

Considered by many to be a classic, the original Vauxhall Viva embodied clean lines, durability and practicality. This nod to the past has been recognised by the new generation of Vauxhall designers, who have also cleverly incorporated key features that modern drivers expect, in the new Viva due to be released Spring 2015.

The latest model in the range the Viva has confident, chiselled looks including features lines which swoop down the sides of the car. The front end also features a winged chrome bar which represents the Griffin badge.

Large headlights and taillights add to the considerable character the Viva possesses and the overall effect is one of real personality and style.

Options will include lane departure warning, park assist, cruise control, a sunroof, foglights and heating for the front seats and steering wheel. The Viva will also get GM's IntelliLink multimedia system, which integrates with Apple and Android smartphones.

The Viva is all set to replace the Agila and join the race for the best city car (won this year by the Twingo). Combining a good use of space with an upmarket and stylish layout ensures this little roadster will be in the running for this special accolade.

From launch one engine will be available – the 1.0-litre three-cylinder ECOTEC engine. Specially-developed for the Viva, this 75PS powertrain is smooth, punchy and efficient, and is joined to a slick five-speed transmission.

Emissions and economy figures are to be released at a later date but estimates are expected to be around 70mpg with emissions pegged at less than 100g/km of C02 - ensuring tax-free motoring.

While the Viva name will be reserved for UK buyers, the car will also be sold in mainland Europe badged as the Opel Karl. It's the first time in more than 20 years that Vauxhall and Opel will use different names for a car in this country and on the Continent.

Viva will be available in ten exterior paint colours and with a variety of 14- to 16-inch wheels.

And the overall assessment? "Short, crisp and full of character, Vauxhall's new entry-level model is a 'proper' small car and will hold great appeal in this rapidly growing sector," said Tim Tozer, Vauxhall's Chairman and Managing Director. "On sale next year at an extremely attractive price point, Viva joins new Corsa and ADAM in a compelling small car portfolio, giving Vauxhall an unrivalled position in the small car market."

By Tracey McBain

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