Pre-Registered Cars & Their Benefits Explained
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Pre-Registered Cars & Their Benefits Explained

Many of you may recently have seen various reports in the media, touching on growth pre-registered cars in the UK.

But, not everyone knows exactly what pre-registered actually means or, more importantly, what the benefits of purchasing a pre-registered car are.

Don’t worry though; we’re here to explain it all to you, to ensure you’re able to make a well-informed decision when choosing your next car.

First of all, let’s clear up some jargon you may have heard. Do any of these phrases sound familiar to you: pre-reg; nearly-new; delivery mileage? Guess what, they’re all the same thing!

In effect, these are brand new cars. But sometimes we register them for you, to help take some of the hassle out of buying a new car, and make the process a little simpler and smoother for you.

However, once we register the cars, despite them being, in effect, ‘new’, they technically become ‘used’ cars. Because we've already registered them, they're classed as having had a previous owner - us.

Let’s not get confused though. Yes, they’re technically ‘used’ cars with a previous owner (Lookers), but they’re only weeks/months old, with barely any miles on the clock, hence the terms we mentioned earlier on – pre-reg; nearly new, and delivery mileage.

So you’re probably wondering how this benefits you, the customer. Well, let us tell you.

Because the vehicles are technically no longer classed as ‘new’, we’re able to greatly reduce their price - in most cases knocking thousands off the manufacturer’s list price - allowing us to save you, our customers, a substantial amount of money and deliver you excellent value for money!

And let’s not forget, all ‘nearly new’ cars come with the balance of the manufacturers three year warranty too, giving you peace of mind as well as saving you money.

Couple this with our other benefits, such as our generous part exchange programme and Vauxhall’s approved-used Network Q scheme, offering further benefits including a rigorous Multi-Point Check by highly trained Vauxhall technicians and an Ownership Promise, you can’t go wrong.

Using our Live Delivery Mileage Stock Check system, our range of nearly new stock is updated daily, meaning our website is constantly up-to-date, showing you the very best deals we have to offer.

And in addition to our live website feed, we also run selected special deals across many Vauxhall favourites, such as Corsa, Astra, ADAM, and Mokka.

If you’d like to view the special deals we’re currently offering on nearly new Vauxhall, or view our Live Delivery Mileage Stock Check page, please click the button, below.

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