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Buying a vehicle from a Lookers dealership means buying from a company that offers industry leading customer service. From our range of flexible finance options, we’ll help you consider a plan that fits your vehicle choice and budget.

Our personalised finance plans will ensure you buy in the knowledge that you're taking advantage of a purchase plan that is as well constructed as the vehicle you're driving. Situated locally, our team of trained finance experts will be able to advise you on the many options available when wishing to finance your vehicle's purchase. They will also helpfully provide a quote that is easy to understand and free from jargon.

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Solutions Personal Contract Plan - Retail

Solutions is Volkswagen's Personal Contract Plan (PCP) that allows you to make payments over a period of time, which may be a more flexible alternative to Hire Purchase. You can choose to put down a small sum initially and then defer a proportion of the vehicle’s value until the end of the agreement, which could reduce your payments.

Hire Purchase - Retail

A straightforward way to pay for your Volkswagen Van. You make an initial payment, then the balance is spread equally over one to five years helping you to select installments that match your budget. At the end of the agreement, once you have made all the payments (including the option to purchase fee) you own your vehicle.

Contract Hire - Business Finance

A Contract Hire agreement could be perfect for you if you want to drive your Volkswagen Van without worrying about its future value or the hassle of eventually selling it. We arrange a plan of fixed monthly rentals lasting from one year to five years. At the end of the contract you simply hand the vehicle back, subject to mileage and vehicle condition, and start a new agreement on a brand new Volkswagen Van. So you can budget ahead for your vehicle’s set monthly costs, and you can add service, maintenance and tyre costs to your agreement. It may even be possible for your business to recover the VAT on these elements, too. We strongly recommend that you take independent tax advice to find the best financial option for you.

Finance Lease (full payout) - Business Finance

Your monthly rental payments will be slightly higher than with the balloon option. There is no final rental payment, which means no risk for you and your business, and a share of the sale proceeds at the end of the contract.

Finance Lease (balloon) - Business Finance

Monthly rental payments will be lower than with full payout. You make a final rental payment, which is usually settled from the sale proceeds. The balloon agreement means more affordable monthly payments or a new vehicle more often. You may also receive a rebate of rentals from any excess sale proceeds or a part-exchange allowance agreed with your Van Centre.

Hire Purchase - Business Finance

Hire Purchase is a simple, affordable way to buy your vehicle. Simply agree the term and monthly repayments, and once you’ve made the last payment, the vehicle is all yours.^ Pay a deposit that suits your current cash flow, and repay the balance over a term chosen to meet your desired monthly budget.

Lease Purchase - Business Finance

Lease Purchase gives you lower monthly payments than Hire Purchase, by deferring a balloon payment to the end of the agreement. This is generally settled from the sale proceeds or part-exchange allowance agreed with your Van Centre. Lease Purchase is great for small businesses that want to keep control of their cash flow or change vehicles sooner. After you make the final balloon payment you own the vehicle outright.^

^ Subject to payment of the option-to-purchase fee

Personal Contract Purchase

Hire Purchase

Personal Contract Hire

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