Roadtrip to Newquay - in the luxury of a Lookers rental California!

Here at Lookers we love to hear about customer adventures in our rental vehicles.

When Tim Gibbs hired a California camper van from Guildford Van Centre (for a sunny weekend in Newquay) and said he'd document the trip in photos for us, we jumped at the offer!

The trip was planned by Tim for his friend Adam (who has a baby on the way), as a sort of 'send off' before he reaches fatherhood (think surfing & BBQs rather than 'The Hangover' though!).

The group all took turns in driving and thoroughly enjoyed it. They were blessed with the hottest weekend of the year so far, and had a great time. Tim has gone as far as saying he's selling his tent as this is the only way he will camp in the future!!

Below are a selection of the fantastic photos that the group took for us - thanks again Tim, and wishing Adam the best of luck in his upcoming role as a father!

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