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Storm Chasing at Lookers Van Centre Newcastle

Writing a blog for Lookers is always a pleasure, and, when you get the chance to write about the Volkswagen Amarok, it’s an even bigger deal.

I met up with General Manger Andrew Davison and Sales Manager George Ridley in the plush surrounds of the waiting area of Lookers Van Centre in Newcastle as they waited for the arrival of a photographer who would be tasked with capturing this stunning limited edition pickup.

While many cars and vans are often given a name following hours of expensive and sometimes gruelling committee sessions, ‘Storm’ came to Andrew and George like a bolt out of the blue.

Andrew said: “Myself and George were discussing what elements would be needed to create this special edition Amarok, spec, colour etc, when we heard a storm rattling away outside. Then there was an almighty clap of thunder and boom! The Amarok ‘Storm’ was born.”

The ‘Storm’s’ kit includes alloy wheels, side bars and styling bars that have been powder coated in dark and stormy colours.

Two vehicles have been prepared so far, a Black Amarok which has had the Storm Kit powder coated in a Satin Black finish and a white version with Satin Anthracite powder coated metal work.

Both vehicles have chrome rear bumpers and chrome trims around the fog lights and are finished off with Storm logos on the tailgate and along the bottom of the doors.

Capturing the Storm

To capture the essence of the Amarok ‘Storm’, David Bell and his team from Some See Different were commissioned to carry out the photoshoot, with the brief to capture this mighty pick-up against backdrops that capture its true spirit.

George said: “The Amarok is a versatile vehicle; it works hard and plays harder, so we really wanted to portray this. David showed us some of the mysteries of setting up the shots, like having to avoid getting the beachcomber in with his metal detector, as well as avoiding the odd stray fishing boat. That’s why we leave the photo taking to the professionals.”

Alnmouth Beach and the Causeway on Holy Island proved to be the perfect spot for the leisure shots, with near perfect weather conditions helping to set the scene – a moody stormy looking sky in one direction and a brilliant sunset in the other, while the Port of Sunderland at Hendon provided the gravitas required for the industrial shots.

George said after the shoot: “The shoot at Alnmouth Beach was a bit of an earlier start for me than normal, out of the house at 4.45am and at Alnmouth at 5.30, but watching the sunrise on a nearly deserted beach was fantastic and well worth it. It certainly was a learning experience. Saying that, I still wouldn’t trust me to do your wedding photos.”

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