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Volkswagen Finance Offers

Solutions Finance

Here at Lookers we want you to have freedom and flexibility when it comes to purchasing a car. Finances are tough these days, so explore all the options and settle on the finance deal that is right for you. We are always on hand to help!

Solutions finance is our most popular finance deal option. Based on how much you the customer drives, we can agree a value for your car then and there.

We at Lookers Volkswagen will carry the risk for you. We give you the option with this plan to trade in your Volkswagen model for a new one, keep it or simply return it without the worry of it's worth by the time your contract ends.

How it all works for you

Firstly we will assess and work out a deposit that works for you. If you are trading in a vehicle this may even cover this. Next you make fixed monthly payments for a duration of 18-48 months. This is up to you what duration you fell is best and more efficient for you based on payments. Compared to other methods of paying, you will probably find these payments to be lower than you expect.

What happens next

When you have come to the end of your contract with us, you have 3 options:

  • Trade in and choose a new vehicle. Whatever Volkswagen model suits you at the time.
  • If you have found the car for you, as long as it is paid off it's yours!
  • Or as long as your car has been loved for the duration of your contract, simply just give it back.

Hire Purchase

If you decide to buy your Volkswagen car, don't let yourself be weighed down by whatever the total cost of your car is.

You will be surprised at how manageable it is to break it down. By this we mean having monthly payments over time on your finance deal. You will know exactly what you are paying right from the beginning with our low fixed interest rates.

How it works

You will need to pay a fixed deposit on your finance deal. This will depend on the price of the car you want at the value it stands. The rest of the payment plan is then split into payments which are made monthly. These payments can run on the course of 1-5 years depending on what you can afford and what you decide is best financially.This finance option is available on both new and used cars. When the final payment is made at the end of your contract, the car is all yours! It really is as simple as that.


Here at Lookers Volkswagen we like our customers to feel that ourselves and our finance offers are easy to deal with. You may find that you wish to make changes to your agreement or just need some advice, that is why we are always on hand.

We have created the Volkswagen Finance Website to make it even easier for you to manage your agreement. Click here for us to help you further. As an existing customer, this website will enable you to:

  • Get a Settlement figure quickly and efficiently
  • Update any contact details that may have changed
  • Request a change to your payment date


Step into the Volkswagen electric world. We would like to introduce you our new electric models, the e-up! and the e-golf. Launch straight into the future of motoring.

If you feel like launching into our electric world, a finance option is availalble for you. The e-Solutions package is a 36 month contract plan with flexibilty. It allows you to give us back the car after 12 months if you change your mind without the worry of a penalty. This is providing the vehicle is in good condition and how much mileage is on the vehicle.

How it works for you

Once you have decided on a deposit you can afford you can get started:

  • Pay a minimum of 10% deposit
  • Accept the 36 month repayment plan
  • Anticipate how many miles you would expect to drive in the next 12 months
  • Agree on an amount to be left until the end of agreement ( optional final payment)
  • Choose to pay your deposit either via part-exchange or cash
*If you decide to hand back the vehicle to us after 12 months it is only available to you once as a unique customer. You may incur further charges subject to vehicles condition. Available to over 18's only.

All credit solutions are subject to the customers circumstance. Finance cannot be guaranteed until the standard checks have been processed.