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Is Volkswagen next for Apple CarPlay?

17th July 2014

Volkswagen could be the next manufacturer to announce the integration of Apple’s CarPlay system, as reports suggests the carmaker and the tech giant are in discussions. An official announcement on the subject is expected later this year.

There are suggestions that the system would first appear in 2016 model releases – rather than 2015 – as time is needed to incorporate Apple’s technology with that already found in Volkswagen’s vehicles. With many of its rivals having already announced agreements with the California-based firm, it’s very likely the partnership will go ahead to keep the German manufacturer competitive while offering buyers the latest innovations.

CarPlay allows motorists to link their Apple smartphones with their vehicle’s infotainment system, mimicking the device’s interface through the car’s integrated display. Apps and other functions can be accessed and controlled as the user would with their hand-held device. The benefit over existing built-in systems is that motorists can always have the latest software on-board after they update the iOS software on their devices.

Currently, the CarPlay system is designed to connect via a USB Lightning cable, and Apple is rumoured to be upgrading the tech to connect wirelessly instead. Volkswagen’s eventual adoption of the software could therefore see its customers have access to this latest development.

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