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The Volkswagen Tiguan has made its stunning debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

In its first generation, this popular SUV sold over 2.6 million units and established itself as a firm favourite for those looking for additional space. Now the famous German manufacturer Volkswagen has released four versions– including the Tiguan R-Line and Tiguan GTE.

Features have been improved and the body proportions of the new generation of Tiguan’s are noticeably sportier with clever design touches. Its weight has been reduced by over 50 kg compared to the previous model and the interior space and luggage compartment has also significantly improved. The boot volume can accommodate 615 litres of cargo and when the rear seat backrests are folded, its capacity increases further to an incredible 1,655 litres.

Engines are also more efficient. Eight are available; power outputs range between 85 kW / 115 PS and176 kW / 240 PS.

Innovative 4MOTION Active Control also lets drivers adjust the all-wheel drive system more uniquely making it adaptable to different driving scenarios and conditions. Thanks to its impressive drive concept, the Tiguan has been engineered for trailer loads of up to 2,500 kg, ensuring it is useable in a number of demanding driving situations.

Online facilities have also been ramped up. Automatic accident notification, online traffic and parking space info, vehicle status report, all help create a 21st century driving experience.The on-board electronics integrate all of today's smartphones of the Apple and Android worlds into the functionality of the infotainment systems via App Connect, and even tablets become an integral part of the automobile via the Media Control app.

By Tracey McBain