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Volkswagen purchases BlackBerry’s R&D centre

8th July 2014

Volkswagen has invested in its vehicle technology with the purchase of device and software producer BlackBerry’s research and development (R&D) centre in Bochum, Germany.

The acquisition has allowed the carmaker to form a new Volkswagen Infotainment unit, and motorists can look forward to significant developments in this area when purchasing new models.

Connected vehicles are seen as the future of the industry, as trends move towards linking cars with driver’s smartphones and the world around them. Currently, Volkswagen’s customers can connect their devices via Bluetooth, allowing calls to be received hands-free and audio to be streamed wirelessly. The resources now available to the manufacturer will allow for further innovation, helping it to meet customer demands.

“The exchange of information between vehicle and mobile devices, such as MP3 players, smart phones and car keys, is already taking place today”, said a Volkswagen representative.

“In the near future further forms of communication will become equally established: communication between vehicle and the driver’s home or office; communication between vehicle and filling stations, parking spaces and road infrastructure and ultimately also from vehicle to vehicle.”

With new models including the recently revealed eighth-generation Passat taking on high-end rivals, a boost to Volkswagen’s technological offering can help the brand capture the attention of its rival’s customers.

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