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Volkswagen Emissions Update

Last updated 12th November 2015

Last updated 30th September 2015

Volkswagen announce that UK cars are affected... Read more

Last updated 28th September 2015

The internal evaluation revealed that approximately five million Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand vehicles are affected worldwide. Certain models and model years of these vehicles (such as the sixth generation Volkswagen Golf, the seventh generation Volkswagen Passat and the first generation Volkswagen Tiguan) are equipped exclusively with type EA 189 diesel engines....

Last updated: 25 September 2015

Lookers Volkswagen have released the following statement to our customers.

There is currently extensive coverage in the media relating to certain Volkswagen Group diesel engines. The issue relates exclusively to emitted pollutants from a limited number of engines (type EA189), and specifically their non-compliance with US emissions regulations. Volkswagen has taken full responsibility for the issue and will bear the full cost for any necessary measures.

Whilst the media have focused attention on the US regulations, it is important to clarify that all new vehicles from the Volkswagen Group with EU6 diesel engines currently available in the UK and any of the other European Union countries fully comply with all legal requirements and environmental standards.

Volkswagen has confirmed that all affected vehicles are completely safe and roadworthy and the engine management software in question does not affect the handling, consumption or emissions of the vehicles in any way.

Please also be assured we will keep you updated as and when more information becomes available.

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