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Volkswagen reminds drivers not to text and drive

16th June 2014

In Hong Kong, a new Volkswagen advert in cinemas is effectively showing moviegoers why they should never text and drive. The distractions caused by using a mobile phone on the road are now the leading cause of fatalities and severe accidents at the wheel.

The ground-breaking ad starts innocently enough, with a pre-movie trailer of a road journey from the driver’s perspective. Viewers were given no clues as to what would happen during the short film.

Special technology was used during the clip to activate the mobile phone of every person seated at that particular cinema screen. Using a location-based broadcaster, those behind the scenes could pinpoint and target each device in that room. They were all sent a text message at the same time, and hidden cameras recorded the mass impulse to take phones from bags or pockets and check them.

On cue, while everyone looked down at their phone, the car in the clip crashed into a tree. This naturally shocked the group – and as they looked back up at the screen, a special PSA from Volkswagen appeared reminding them not to use mobile devices while driving.

The one-off ad has received widespread attention, with the YouTube clip boasting more than 20 million views. Outside of Hong Kong, the issue of texting and driving is one that international motorists can relate to, and the message is just as relevant here as it would be in the rest of Europe or America.

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