Types of cars

All available to buy at Lookers

At Lookers we stock a huge range of used cars. Fortunately, our search function enables you to find the ideal car type for your requirements, whether it be an MPV or Convertible, Petrol or Hybrid, we will have an option for you. Here we break down some of our most popular car types so you can get to the car you need faster.

Family cars

We have a range of family-friendly used car types from the most popular manufacturers. Here are some examples:

Fuel types

There are now an increasing number of fuel types to choose from when purchasing a vehicle. Here are some Lookers have in stock:

Transmission types

What transmission do you prefer? Lookers used car stock will have a vehicle that can meet your needs:

Economical Driving

We have a range of excellent cheaper motoring options at Lookers. See some of them here.

More options

For thousands more second-hand and nearly-new used car types, start your search here.