Meet Lucky, the Lookers mascot

We know how important family is, and, as a family friendly retailer, we’d like to welcome you into our dealerships. While you browse, the kids will be kept busy with Lucky the Lookers dog.

Who is Lucky?

Lucky is a loving, loyal dog with lots of friends. He lives with his mum, dad, his older sister, Laura and big brother, Leo.He loves running around on the grass and playing with his toys. Lucky is very friendly and will jump up to say hello to people he meets. His favourite biscuit is a bourbon and his favourite toy is his ball. One of Lucky’s favourite things is going on adventures, to the seaside or the countryside, to the car wash or to see the mechanics. He loves finding out new things and meeting new people. 

Where can we find Lucky?

  • Lucky’s Big Break – Discover more about this charismatic canine in this story book about Lucky becoming a TV star.
  • Lucky Toy –Take the lovable scamp home with you when you visit our dealerships
  • Activity Books –Keep the kids occupied with activity books while you find your ideal car
  • COMING SOON - Interactive i-Pad Game – Follow Lucky’s adventures around our dealerships in our interactive game available on i-pads throughout our showrooms.
  • You can also find Lucky on our social media channels, Instagram and Snapchat. Share your own adventures with Lucky using the hashtag: #Luckyontour
  • Lucky will also be making appearances at events throughout the year at various Lookers dealerships across the country


Lucky's Big Break Book

In ‘Lucky’s Big Break’ find out what happened when Lucky visited Lookers and follow his transformation to TV star.

Download Book

Lucky Activity Sheet

Help lucky find his bone, colour in his new car and more with the our Lucky activity sheet.

Download Activity Sheet

Follow Lucky on his adventures in one of our Lookers’ dealerships. We can’t wait for you to meet him.

Instagram: @LookersLucky

Snapchat: LookersGroup