Kia Reviews

Kia sales have continued to increase in the last few years, with an excellent range of cars that appeal to a variety of different buyers. From the budget, city-friendly Picanto, to the family-sized c'eed and Sportage SUV, there is now a Kia for every type of driver. Combine this with a 7-year warranty, exceptional build quality, styling and interior options its no surprise that Kia cars are now in high demand. Here we bring together review data for some of the main Kia models to give an insight into customer opinion on these cars.

Kia Sportage

The Sportage is a stylish urban crossover offering great versatility and excellent value. Over 300 reviews collected by Reevoo rate the Sportage at 9/10, a very strong showing, whilst What Car? were also impressed with what it had to offer, watch their review below.

Kia Rio

The Kia Rio super-mini is an excellent option for those looking for a great value, well equipped, compact car. Reevoo customers rating is9/10 from over 180 reviews, whilst What Car? felt that it compared well to its main rivals.

Kia Picanto

The latest Kia Picanto is a compact city-car, with great looks and excellent interior. Customers on Reevoo rate the car highly with almost 300 reviewers rating the Picanto at 9.1/10. What Car? also enjoyed many aspects of the Picanto, see their review here.

Kia c'eed

The c'eed range offers an excellent family hatchback that offers style and practicality at great value. What Car? were impressed by many aspects of the c'eed, and Reevoo customers also rate the car highly, gaining 9.1/10 from over 100 reviews.

Kia Soul

The distinctive and practical Kia Soul is a versatile car offering a spacious option that will suit many driving types. What Car? rated the car highly as do customers from Reevoo, where the Soul has a rating at 9/10 from over 50 reviews.