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Book your MOT online with Lookers and find an MOT test centre near you today. We have MOT testing facilities available at a range of Lookers dealerships and service centres throughout the UK and Ireland, giving you a wide choice of locations.

Our MOT testing is part of our overall car servicing offering. Enquire now and find out about the full range of options we offer.

Book your MOT online

Book your MOT online today with ease, using the online booking service button below. It’s quick and easy to organise your yearly test and can be done in minutes.

What is checked on an MOT? 

Nearly half of all MOT failures could have been prevented with simple checks that you can do at home. Before you book an MOT test at Lookers, take a look at what you can do to ensure your vehicle passes its MOT with flying colours.

These are the key components our expert manufacturer-trained technicians will be testing during an MOT.

Brake Lights  Number Plate
Check that each of your brake lights work
 Check the lettering is clean and visable.
 Engine Oil  Seatbelts
Ensure that your engine has enough oil
and top up where required.
Check each of your seatbelts for any damage and test each one is working by pulling on it sharply.
 Fuel  Tyres
The vehicle emission levels will be tested by running your engine. Ensure there is enough
fuel for this, or it may be turned away.
Check that each tyre is above the legal minimum tread depth of 1.6mm.
 Headlights  Windscreen
Check that your headlights and side lights work correctly. Check your windscreen for damage. If it is larger than 40mm, it will result in an MOT fail.
 Horn  Wiper Blades
Give your horn a quick test. It may be essential during an emergency. Check all of your wiper blades for damage. If larger than 10mm will result in an MOT fail.
 Indicators  Wheels
Check that all of your indicators are fully working, including hazard lights.  Check each of your wheels for damage.


Find an MOT test centre near you

Click below to book your MOT online or enquire to ask any questions you may have.

Frequently asked questions 

How often do you need to get an MOT?

Once a vehicle is over three years old it requires a yearly MOT to make sure it’s in a roadworthy condition. Those that are under three years old don’t need an MOT.

You must only use an authorised test centre for your MOT. A blue sign with three triangles should be on display at the test station when you arrive, to denote an official test centre. Learn more about how often you should service a car here.

Can I book an MOT test online?

Yes, you can arrange your annual MOT online with Lookers. It’s easy to book in at your nearest Lookers branch, using the Lookers online booking service.

When can I book an MOT?

You can book in for your MOT up to a month minus a day before its expiry date. This expiry date will be clearly noted on your latest MOT pass certificate.

How much is an MOT and service?

The cost of a combined MOT and service depends on where you go. Usually, an MOT alone should cost between £30 and £40, whereas a service can cost between £75 and £150+. Learn more about how much an MOT costs here, or learn more about the cost of a car service here.

There are two different kinds of services:

Minor service - Will check the basic functions of your car, such as an oil and filter change.
Full service - More comprehensive and will help keep you car in optimal condition, and will be more expensive.

Having a service isn’t compulsory but it can help to sell your car in the future if you have a full-service history. 

What documents do I need for an MOT?

You no longer need to take anything with you to your MOT appointment as all the details can be found online by the garage. Previously you needed to take your V5C logbook, tax disk, ID and previous MOT certificate but this is no longer necessary. 

Can I drive on my MOT expiry date?

You can drive your car on the MOT expiry date until midnight. After that, the only place you’re legally allowed to drive is to the garage for an arranged MOT appointment.

You must be able to show proof of your appointment to the police, if you are stopped when driving to a test centre for an MOT after the expiry date. 

Is my insurance invalid without an MOT?

Your insurance isn’t valid without an MOT, as having a valid MOT certificate for vehicles over three years old is a legal requirement.

What can my car fail its MOT on?

There are a large number of things your vehicle can fail its MOT on. This includes:

Tyre condition and pressure – tyres should have at least 1.6mm of tread on them to be legally safe. They also need to be the correct pressure level and have no cuts, bulges or signs of damage. 
Lights – the condition, operation, security and colour of both the main lights and indicators. A blown bulb means a fail.
Steering and suspension – the handling of your vehicle should be operating correctly for it to gain a pass certificate.
Brakes – if your brakes are noisy or pull to one side, it can mean there is a problem which needs to be corrected before your vehicle passes its MOT. 
Mirrors, wipers and washer bottle – this it to make sure they are in working order and that you have a clear view of the road.

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