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Ensure your Air Conditioning is working to its full potential with a full Air Conditioning Service at Lookers Volvo Colchester & Stockport. The air conditioning system and ventilation systems in your car can suffer with a build-up of bacteria and a restricted flow of air through the vents. Also, over time your system can leak refrigerant gas. This is an essential part of the system and requires regular refilling.

We offer a full air conditioning system service which would include a full inspection and regas of the air conditioning system and the use of an air purifier to clean and disinfect the hidden air ways within the ventilations system, leaving to car smelling fresh and clean. We also offer an air conditioning de-sanitiser from £29.99.

The full Air Conditioning service from £99 includes the following benefits:

  • Drain all refrigerant
  • Check A/C system for leaks
  • Recharge refrigerant and lubricant
  • Check system operating pressure
  • Check car cabin temperature
  • Remove fungi and bacterial build up from the A/C system
  • Remove unpleasant odours
  • Help prevent allergic reactions
  • Leave your vehicle smelling clean and fresh
  • Help prevent re-growth of bacteria for up to 12 months