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About Lookers

One of the top three motor vehicle retailers in the UK, Lookers represent 32 vehicle manufacturers, selling a huge range of car types at 150 franchised dealerships. We also operate a number of used car trade centres and service centres from hundreds of locations throughout the UK. 

Why choose Lookers?

At Lookers we believe in being there 'for you, for life.'

From the purchase of your first car, to an executive saloon upgrade after a promotion to eventually acquiring an MPV or 4x4 when a family comes along, we’re here for you every mile.

Our dealerships offer a full range of aftersales provisions including fully stocked parts departments, vehicle servicing, MOT and accident repair facilities.

Our staff are fully dedicated, trained and experienced in their fields. They are committed to providing an excellent service to you to ensure you find your ideal car.

Why Work for Lookers?

At Lookers we:

·Have a dedicated and specialised training department. We strongly believe in nurturing and providing our employees with opportunities for further training and career development.

· Celebrate and encourage success at all levels with our annual Lookers Excellence Awards.

· Share company strategy and welcome suggestions and ideas from within the business via the annual Conference.

· Value our people, their ideas and opinions

· Are a successful company with great record on recent profit and growth

· Have Top Employer UK 2017 & 2018 accreditation

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Company History

Lookers is an ever growing multi-franchise dealer group which represents 32 volume and premium car manufacturers throughout the UK and Ireland.

Founded in Manchester in 1908 by John Looker, initially the company sold bicycles, parts, accessories and the occasional used car.

In 1910 the business joined forces with a garage owner in Hardman Street in the centre of Manchester to create Lookers Ltd. Until the First World War Lookers Ltd was primarily a Ford dealer which thrived to such an extent that in 1911 the garage in Hardman Street had to be completely rebuilt to accommodate the business generated by the popular Ford cars.

The business was appointed a distributor of Austin motor vehicles in 1918 and continued to grow throughout Lancashire and Cheshire through the acquisition of a number of garages. Lookers and Austin became very closely associated such that the slogan 'Lookers is Austin' lasted for many years.

In 1929 John Looker retired. The business continued to prosper until WWII war started in 1939 when the Austin factory was committed to the war effort and there were hard times throughout the country.

Large dealers had originally operated as Distributorships, and as well as supplying cars to their own retail customers, they supplied cars to retail dealers in their designated area. The first major acquisition occurred in the 1960s when the Group moved into Yorkshire.

In 1973 the Group's headquarters were transferred from Hardman Street to Chester Road, where they remain to this day, and the Company became a listed Company on the London Stock Exchange.

Lookers History

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