Unfortunate looking cars

We take a look at some of the rather unfortunate looking cars of the past...

Austin Allegro

Made in the 1970’s the Austin Allegro was quite a hit when it was first released. Back in those days though cars weren’t as shall we say as classy as they are today, unless you were loaded and could afford a Ferrari Testarossa!

The Austin Allegro was a boxy hatchback that was fitted with a very unusual and not very practical square steering wheel. The Allegro may not have been the best looking car of its time but it was extremely popular here in the UK selling over 600,000 units before production ceased in 1982.

Fiat Multipla

Italian manufacturers Fiat wanted to get in on the ever growing MPV market in the late 90’ and so they created the Multipla a six seater car that was very wide and very strange looking. The Multipla was at the time praised for its engineering, it had six seats all fitted in to two rows, what it wasn’t praised for was its looks.

The Multipla resembled something that had arrived from outer space; it’s had a large bulging roof, with four headlamps that gave it an alien-like appearance. Although it wasn’t a head turner, well not for the right reasons anyway the Multipla was practical and was a great family car, it did suffer quite a few faults though with such things as a rattling gearbox and problems with the in car electrics.

Nissan S Cargo 

The Nissan S Cargo was said to have been styled on the iconic Citroen 2CV which some may find strange considering many find the 2CV one of the strangest looking cars ever made. The Nissan S Cargo though more resembled a squashed milk bottle delivery van than the 2CV. Keeping with the French theme Nissan called this car S Cargo which meant small cargo as well as Escargort – Snails? why it was named after a French delicacy is unknown.

The S Cargo could seat four passengers although the rear seated passengers would have trouble seeing out as most came without any rear windows, although there was an option of getting small round rear windows fitted to give passengers that feeling of sitting on a ship cabin!

Suzuki X90

Unfortunately for Suzuki the X90 has gone down as one of the strangest looking cars ever built and at one glance it’s easy to see why. The first thing that springs to mind when seeing this car is – is it real? It looks like something you would see Scooby doo and Co ride about on chasing ghosts!

Suzuki have tried to go for a cross between a hatchback and SUV and ended up with a 2 seater convertible go cart. The X90 was only produced for 2 years, Suzuki say this was down to bad marketing but do any online search and it seems this car was sadly just hit with the ugly branch (quite a few times!)

Asso di Picche

The Asso di Picche was a concept car designed by Italian designer Giugiaro and was based on the Audi 80 car. Giugiaro presented the concept at the 1973 Frankfurt Motor Show in the hope of getting it into production – fortunately this never happened. 

The Asso di Picche may have had the Audi four rings but it certainly didn’t have the appeal of the Audi 80, the Asso di Picche had a very low bonnet and a long thin shape making it look more like a moving spaceship than a car.

Aston Martin Lagonda

Aston Martin are the kings of cool cars, James Bond drives one that says it all but the British manufacturers must have been having a bad day when they came up with the Lagonda. The styling of the Lagonda does not scream luxury, quality and 007 it’s more an elongated bland monstrosity! Aston Martin only made the Lagonda between 1976 and 1989 and only produced 645 models. 

Aston Martin have now created a more updated version of the Lagonda which is certainly a lot better looking than its predecessor and a lot more pricer!

Corbin Sparrow

The Corbin Sparrow could easily be mistaken for an extra-large clog with its unusual shape and outrageous colours. This single seater, three wheeled, one-door car was built by Corbin Motors from 1993 to 2003 before the company filed for bankruptcy, now owned by Myers Motors they are trying to bring this unique shoe on wheels back to our streets.

The Corbin Sparrow found fame when it was featured in the Austin Powers film Goldmember being driver around by the antagonist who happened to be Dutch, mmm coincidence?


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