50 Shades Of....?

Normally associated with a very well known book, did you know that 50 shades also relates to car colours? Read on for some tantalising facts about the most popular car colours today – and find out what your choice of colour says about you.

If you drive a black, grey or silver car you are in good company. Ruling the highways and byways of Britain for the past 10 years, cars with these colours were everywhere. But now all that has changed dramatically. White is the new black. Look out your window now and count the next 10 cars that pass – how many are white? Statistically, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders (SMMT), you should expect a tally of roughly 3 white cars for every 10 that pass.

Over a quarter of all new cars registered in the past year were white, the highest proportion since records began. In fact if you bought a white car in 2005 then you may not have been aware of it, but you were part of a very select group - less than 1% of the UK's new car buyers chose white then.

And what has been the catalyst for change? Very quickly – over a matter of months in fact - a handful of aspirational models may help explain the new trend - among them the Audi TT, the BMW M3 and Mk V Volkswagen Golf GTI. A new wave of car design also made a difference - out went curvy shapes and overly fussy details, in came sculpted sides and clean lines. White has enhanced the new look.

Don't forget about the "Apple effect" too - the iPod and MacBook were at the forefront of design and manufacturers - in an attempt to ensure products looked on-trend and futuristic - often chose white. 

Motorists in the Middle East, and other warmer countries, often choose white for a reason, of course. Many studies have proven that white cars reflect the sun better and heat up less quickly.

What of the future of the white car? The web site webyanycar.com has said: "White is holding its value across the board better than anything else. It's currently a more desirable colour and can increase value by up to 25 per cent." 

What Does Colour Choice Say About You?

If customer preference is anything to go by at Lookers, we are spot on-trend. Over 23% of motorists bought white cars from us over the past year. Interestingly some brands seem to outperform the average. Over 40% of all Citroen's, Fiat's and Peugeot's sold were white. This was closely followed by Dacia and Land Rover.

Before buying your next car read our handy guide which outlines what your favourite colour says about you. Do you recognise yourself, or anyone else, for that matter? 

White – White car owners are known to have high standards. Sometimes said to be fastidious, these are people who generally like things to be very pure and pristine and whose character traits include being upfront and direct. And, the person who chooses a white car is more likely to keep that car super clean – extending through all aspects of life too.

Black – A staple of car manufacturing since records began. Indeed as Henry Ford once famously said: “Any customer can have a car painted in any colour he wants so long as it is black." Black is the ultimate power colour and tends to be favoured by people who are not easily manipulated. People who enjoy black car also appreciate elegance and designs which are classic. This is a person who probably has a lot of black in their wardrobe too.

Silver – Those who drive silver cars enjoy the good life (or at least would like to!). The metallic finish of a silver car gives the impression that it's worth more and therefore increases the sense of prestige. The driver who likes silver is not likely to be satisfied with a flat grey colour. This person appreciates elegance with a bit of va-va-voom.

Red – There's a dynamic quality and high energy associated with red. People who drive red cars generally stand out from the crowd – outgoing and individual, red car drivers have a pioneering spirit and are natural leaders. Even those who drive wine colour cars share the same characteristics. While perhaps more subtle the traits are nevertheless there - you just have a look a little harder to see them.

Blue – It's probably safe to trust the driver of a blue car, regardless of the shade, though there is a difference between light and dark tones. Light-to-mid blue car drivers are the kind of people who have a calm demeanour. If this is your friend, they're going to be your friend forever. The dark blues are much more confident – these are drivers who like to be credible, something of an authority figure.

Yellow – Often considered to be the safest colour of car to drive, yellow is the first colour that people notice in their peripheral vision. Can also provide hours of in-car entertaiment to children in passing vehicles who can play the popular game of “Yellow car!" .

Green – Whilst not hugely fashionable, green alludes to someone who leads a well-balanced life. Indeed the deeper the shade, the more trustworthy the person and also interestingly, the more traditional. British racing car green – displayed beautifully on a range of Jaguar cars – has echoes of values from a time gone by. Anyone with a preference for a lighter shade has a strong connection with nature. This person adopts a no fuss, very simple and understated approach to life. In other words – there is nothing artificial about this driver.

Grey - the colour of choice for those who place a premium on practicality and pared back elegance. The person who favours logic over emotion yet also has an eye on what looks good. Along with a high level of rationality this driver is very detail-oriented and is highly self-aware.

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