Why the Renault Zoe Dynamique has the force for Obi-Wan Kenobi

‘What is this unbeknownst droid?’ said Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi, who – complete with newly preened and polished beard – hovered into Charles Hurst in Belfast from planet Mos Eisley in his Delta-7 Jedi Interceptor starship for a juicy goss during the Lookers Electric Charge for automotive charity BEN. ‘How does it navigate? Where are its wings?’

After hearing the jibber-jabber (the Hutt) about battery-powered buggies on these strange asphalt surfaces we call roads, the dexterous destroyer of the dark side descended upon earth to do some digging on the dealio. And report back to Yoda, his little green friend at the Jedi order.

In the face of all his hybrid-hullaballoo, and a hunch that they would not be suited for spurring around in space, Obi nonetheless slid into the passenger seat of a Renault Zoe (Z-E) Dynamique, Europe’s number 1 selling EV last year, for Lookers Electric Charge. He wanted to drive it himself, but couldn’t persuade the DVLA to let him.

Clambering cautiously into the Zoe alongside trusty test driver Jordan, Sales Exec from Charles Hurst Renault, the speculative Sith-fighter delivered his detailed verdict on which features are perfect for him… (if it could fly of course!)

1. Quiet

The car was graced with Jedi Knight jubilation when Obi jumped in, popped on his seatbelt and pulled out the parking spot; picking up on how quiet it was. It’s been named ‘supremely quiet’ by The Telegraph and in the case of space for Obi-Wan, it would be spiffing for sneaking up on his – (much noisier) – enemy fighter jets.

As well as lowering the chance of explosions in battle for our cloaked comrade, the silence of the cabin brings ultimate Zen required for his mindfulness. That’s right. Jedis meditate too. That’s how they fire up their powers, you know, like levitation and telekinesis.

2. Control

“Control is internal. It is a Jedi. It is the Jedi’s ability to recognise the force in himself and use it to his benefit” – Jedi Master Bodo Bass

Jedis focus on peace and calmness to channel the force, and it’s essential that they have a ‘sweet ride’ to support this – And look good in front of Princess Leia. ‘♪ And all the girls say he’s pretty fly for a Jediii… ♪’



With the electric and cruise control of the Renault Zoe, Obi and this fine specimen of silverware are a match made in heaven. The Zoe achieved the maximum five stars in the Euro NCAP (New Car Assessment Programme) crash test and is fitted with an electronic stability system that helps regain control in critical driving conditions, stopping Obi skidding into the unchartered stratosphere. It’d have to pass the equivalent galactic assessment programme though.

Moreover, the model is fitted with automatic climate control and a combined filter, limiting the air-conditioning and saving that precious mileage needed for getting back, between Naboo and Tatooine, and the journey through each episode in the trilogy.



3. Technology

Sense is a fundamental factor of force power, when young Padawans promulgate their Jedi training and recognise their abilities outside the universe itself. Similar in nature, the senses of the Renault Zoe assist drivers in finding their way from A-B. Or Z-E in this case.

Senses include:

•  TomTom-derived satnav with touchscreen – Destination Kenobi – ‘A Galaxy far far away.’



• Bose® Sound system – Stuck in the past and clinging to fame, our new amigo Kenobes (we’re on nickname terms now) has been known to spend a full 24 hrs with the Star Wars soundtrack on replay. He’s asked Chewbacca for the vinyl for his birthday…

• Hands-free card – What inks the Jedi-like intuition of the Renault Zoe? The tech that lets you open, close and start your engine without that raucous rummage for your too-clunky-for-a-Jedi-utility-belt keys

• Bluetooth – Lets you stream audio and dial R2-D2 via hands-free phone connectivity



Renault UK recently had the pleasure of sponsoring the fantastic new film, Solo: A Star Wars Story.

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