UK Government to invest £3 million in a New Digital Road Map for England & Wales

25th February 2015

The Department for Transport Minister Robert Goodwill announced today that they will contribute £3 million to help create a new digital roadmap for England & Wales. The map which is to be developed by Ordnance Survey will help in aiding emergency services and council's by providing them with the most detailed information to date. The map will give detailed information on such things as road widths, traffic calming measurers and height and width restrictions. Other data that may feature on the map is information held by the Government such as planned road works and cycle paths

It is hoped the map will help the emergency services find the quickest routes when responding to emergency calls, saving lives in the process. The digital map will have the most up to date and quality data available which will be provided by local authorities. Currently the UK Government use various resources when planning road projects and maintenance, the new digital map will bring these all together in one, saving costs on council budgets. The new map will also be added the Public Sector Mapping Agreement allowing local public sector organisations to access the maps when required.

Speaking of the new digital road map Transport Minister Robert Goodwill said: “This government is backing schemes that will make Britain's transport system world-class. This mapping project has the potential to substantially improve how we look after our roads. It will help make journeys more efficient and ensure traffic keeps moving. This funding demonstrates our commitment to funding the technology of the future, which will drive economic growth and create jobs.

By Jenna Niblock