5 of the best Christmas songs of all time

Here at Lookers we love Christmas as much as anyone else, and ever since the start of December we have been bopping our heads, shaking our hips and humming along to some of the best songs ever released at this time of year.

We’d probably be sat here long after the big man has delivered all his presents if we tried to write down all our favourites, so we’ve created a nice list of five songs that we absolutely love, and we hope you do too!

Mariah Carey – All I Want for Christmas Is You

Back in 1994, Christmas albums were considered by some to be for older artists and ‘has-beens’. So, try asking someone like Mariah Carey to jump into a studio to record a selection of festive songs when her career wasn’t anywhere at the stage of needing the chime of jingle bells to bring it back to life.

Perhaps it was a visit in the night by the ghost of Christmas future that showed Carey what would happen if she released a Christmas album, as she finally came around to the idea and started wrapping up and delivering the perfect present – a song that you can’t help but sing and dance to when it comes on.

Mariah Carey

Credit: Spotify/Mariah Carey

Festive fact – On Christmas Eve 2018, All I Want for Christmas For You broke Spotify’s global single-day streaming record, surpassing 10.8 million streams. Not bad for a tune that was reportedly written in approximately 15 minutes.


Shakin’ Stevens – Merry Christmas Everyone

The message from Shakin’ Stevens in 1985 was quite straightforward. He simply wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

With snow falling all around him, Stevens surged into top spot in the UK charts, captivating the country into singing along to his all-time classic tune.

Shakin Stevens

Credit: Epic/Youtube

If you watch the music video, you’ll soon want to dust the sledge off from the garage and search for the nearest hill. Just make sure there’s snow first!

Festive fact – The video for Merry Christmas Everyone featured a competition winner named Jeremy Cartwright. He can be seen sledging his way down a snowy hill in Sweden, where the music video was filmed. Last minute holiday to Sweden, anyone?


Chris Rea - Driving Home for Christmas

As an automotive retailer we can’t help but squeeze this classic on our list of the best Christmas songs.

The feel-good message of travelling home to see the look on the faces of loved ones helped Chris Rea warm the hearts of the nation when the song was released in 1988.

Credit: PA

Fast forward to 2019 and Rea’s song is still played on the airwaves every year and you’ll find hundreds of Facebook statuses and Twitter posts every December asking, “has Chris Rea started driving home for Christmas yet?”.

Festive fact: Rea wrote the song whilst stuck in traffic on his way back to Middlesbrough from Abbey Road studios in London. The Teesside native needed to catch a lift home after the record company – who he was now out-of-contract with – refused to pay for a rail ticket. Shout-out to Mrs Rea who carried out the noble duty of driving him home for Christmas.

Ready to step straight into Christmas? Listen to more of our favourites with our festive playlist. #LookersLovesChristmas


Slade – Merry Xmas Everybody

“IT’S CHRISTMASSSSSS!”. Ah, those famous words that are bellowed out towards the end of Merry Xmas Everybody. So iconic, that you’re never too far from hearing someone doing their own impression at this time of year, including that uncle you see once a year who still calls you by a nickname you had when you were 10-year-old.

Words that, along with the rest of the song, helped Slade go head-to-head in the Christmas number one stakes with Wizzard back in 1973.

After securing the top spot, the song has gone on to become a timeless classic with the airwaves still filled every Christmas with Noddy Holder’s distinctive Brummie voice.

Credit: Polydor

Festive fact: During a taping of Top of the Pops, both Slade and Wizzard were schedule to perform their hits, with the BBC staging a pre-orchestrated custard pie fight for Holder and co.

While Slade were performing, one of Wizzard’s drummers sneaked into the audience and hit Noddy Holder full in the face with a custard pie. The only band to be left quite literally left with egg on their face after claiming top spot in the charts.


The Pogues (ft Kirsty McColl) – Fairytale of New York

It seems appropriate to fit this one at the end of our list. After all, it’s arguably the ultimate Christmas song to end a party or family get together on and holds the not-so-small title of being the most-played Christmas song of the 21st Century.

With a string arrangement, the song’s country and Irish feel has helped it stand out from others in the battle of Christmas hits. Whilst slower in pace, the song has quickly become quick the song that everyone wants to play after a few egg nogs.

Credit: Getty Images

Festive fact: Lead singer of The Pogues, Shane MacGowan, was born on Christmas Day. Lovely stuff.

Tell us which Christmas songs you love the most by following our Facebook and Twitter accounts and use the hashtag #LookersLovesChristmas

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