Jaguar I-Pace Review: Everything you need to know about Jaguar's first EV featuring Lookers CEO Andy Bruce

The Jaguar I-Pace: one of the most eagerly anticipated cars of the year.

We are putting the magnifying glass on Jaguars first all-electric car, covering all areas to provide you with everything you need to know about this ground-breaking vehicle. Lookers CEO Andy Bruce joins us for this feature, taking the car out on the roads of Glasgow and truly putting it through its paces (excuse the pun).

Read on for an in-depth investigation into the Jaguar I-pace. How far can it go on a single charge? How long does it take to charge? Is this car a true rival to Tesla? Keep reading and all your questions will be answered.

Let’s begin with Andy Bruce discussing what he thought when he took the I-Pace out for a test drive in Glasgow earlier in the year.

Thanks to Andy’s in-depth review above, we’ve seen the I-Pace in action. Now we are going to break down the different areas of the car even further and dive in to what it has to offer.


It’s quick, very quick.

The I-Pace boasts an impressive 0-60mph in 4.5 seconds and has a top speed of 124mph. The car has also recently set the record lap time for production electric vehicles, outperforming the rival Tesla Model S.  With its speedy acceleration comes the option to adjust throttle sensitivity to determine the level of regenerative braking you receive. At the highest setting, Jaguar has stated that 98% of actual brake use can be removed.

One of the things that makes it so different is the weight of the battery. By covering the entire floor plan of the vehicle it helps creates this amazing stability” – Andy Bruce

This stability, alongside the 394 horsepower which is being sent to all four wheels gives 512 pound-feet of torque to the four-wheel drive. Impressive indeed. 

content image


Is it an SUV, a sports car or a coupe? A combination of all three and more.

The I-Pace is classified as an SUV with four-wheel drive, although it stands unique against its competitors. Aided by the fact that it contains two electric motors – one to power the front wheels and one to power the rear wheels, Jaguar have been able to design an SUV with a coupe styled front and roofline, large 20-inch wheels and a boot designed in such an efficient way that no wipers or wash system is required.

The rear spoiler which comes as standard gives the I-Pace a sporty element whilst slim door mirrors keep air resistance to a minimum. Design director Ian Callum also opted for recessed door handles as first seen on the Range Rover Velar for a further level of sleek. But it’s not just a sleek and stylish design Jaguar were looking for, these designs have been intentionally made to reduce drag and improve the aerodynamics leading to increased efficiency and battery life.

The Interior

Classy and sophisticated

It’s not just quiet for people outside the car, when inside the car the acoustic laminated glass allows you to be fully immersed in the driving experience without outside distraction.

For those missing the roar of a traditional engine, Jaguar has included an option that allows you to turn up electronic engine noise, ranging from a peaceful calm to a more roaring dynamic.

The first thing that strikes you is the lack of noise, it’s the Jaguar that doesn’t roar and just purs along. Being in the cockpit there is an incredible sense of premium and quality, and all of the controls are extremely intuitive ” – Andy Bruce

Sports seats and the optional extra performance seats come with heating and cooling systems to provide high levels of comfort to all passengers. The head-up display projected onto the driver’s windscreen displays important information, such as speed and directions in the driver’s eye-line. This, yet another nifty feature, enables the driver to focus on driving without distractions outside of their view.


A car that learns and adapts to you as the driver

Being at the forefront of technology, the car has pre-conditioning for the cockpit which can differ between who is driving. Once you have set up your preferences, the I-Pace’s Bluetooth key learns what type of driver you are. This enables the pre-heating of the cockpit or cooling before you enter the car giving instant comfort. But it goes a step further – depending on your driving style the car will more accurately calculate your range. This means that if you shared the car with your partner and had two keys, the car will adjust settings automatically according to the individual.

Where it gets really intelligent is the car learns your routines and habits too, so if you regularly make a call to work on your commute in at 8:30am the car may remind you close to the time if you are yet to make the call.

"The I-Pace is the first Jaguar to use artificial intelligence machine learning to create a better driving experience. [It] will change the perception of how everyday driving should be" – Peter Virk, Director of Connected Car and Future Technology at Jaguar

For those who are really interested in the technology and how they can improve their performance, Jaguar are to release the InControl app which will track your journey and provide stats on power efficiency, estimated range and the cost of each charge.

content image

Software Updates

Alongside the sophisticated technology features are the continual software updates provided by Jaguar.  All updates are done wirelessly, providing drivers with updates to the infotainment dashboard, GPS system and most importantly battery charging and capability. With these updates happening wireleslly, this means there will be fewer reasons to take your I-Pace in for physical repairs.

Now to answer 3 of the most popular questions we have been asked about the I-Pace:

The first big question: What’s the real range the I-Pace can travel?

We’ve discussed how the car drives, its design and the technology but we know that there are questions everyone is asking about electric vehicles – one of the first questions is – what is the real range?

The official range of the I-Pace as quoted by Jaguar under new WLTP regulations is 298 miles, surpassing many other EVs on the market. Top Gear recently achieved this range, travelling 291 miles from London to Land’s End on a single charge using 99% of the battery.

However,  it’s important to note that real world driving may reveal different distances with more recent tests by consumers revealing a range of 220-240 miles may be more accurate. Multiple factors affect the range the car can travel, including outside temperature, on board weight, speed, terrain and wind resistance.

As mentioned above, Jaguar will be providing software updates to improve the capability of the car.

The second big question: What are the charging times in the UK?

Whilst range is obviously important, charging times will be the bigger factor and the most noticeable switch for drivers used to the instant injection of petrol or diesel at a petrol station.

"I think charging time is more important than range, frankly" – Ian Callum, Jaguar’s Chief Designer 

The majority of charging is likely to be done at home overnight, through the use of the free home charger. Thanks to a government grant from The Office for Low Emissions Vehicles (OLEV) of £500, the cost to install a charger is covered. It is worth noting that you must have off-street parking (such as a garage or driveway) in order to be eligible. The I-Pace also comes with a multi-function charging cable, allowing you to charge from your traditional domestic 3 prong socket.

This 7kw home charger will charge the I-Pace from zero to full overnight, whilst the most common 50kw public charger will charge the car from zero to 168 miles in 60 minutes. If you wanted just an extra bit of juice that would mean 20 miles of range in around 5 minutes.

The less common 100kw public charger will charge the car from zero to 80% in just under 40 minutes.

The infrastructure for charging is increasing at a rapid rate and there are now over 13,000 public charging points accessible – which is five times more than the number in 2011. We believe that once there are more 100kw (and even 350kw chargers which are popping up across Europe) range anxiety and charging times will be a worry of the past for EV owners.

The third big question: What will be the running costs of the I-Pace?

If you are planning to charge your car at home overnight, a full charge could cost just under £11. This is based on the I-Pace’s 90kw sized battery and current UK electricity prices of 13p per kwh using a 7kw charging station.

Depending on how you intend to charge your vehicle, costs could be reduced even further if you use free public charging stations often found in supermarkets. Moreover, as well as government grants covering the cost of installation at home, there is also a government scheme for workplace chargers available. This could mean you arrive to work, fully charge your I-Pace and return home only requiring a small top up.

content image


The I-Pace comes in 3 different specifications – S, SE and HSE. Also available is the First Edition but for one year only.

All models are eligible for the £4,500 government OLEV grant which brings the starting prices to: S – £58,995, SE – £64,995 and HSE – £69,945. Have a look at the differences between the different specifications and decide for yourself which features best match your needs.

It’s worth noting that the I-Pace costs around £10,000 cheaper than its rival the Tesla Model X.

An EV to Remember

There we have it, Jaguar has well and truly arrived with an electric vehicle that is leading the way for electric vehicles. We can’t wait to see this car on the roads in the U.K and are excited to see how continual software updates will improve the car even further.

It really is a compelling package. A car that looks stunning from the outside…the performance is unbelievable… it’s practical…. and combined with the fact that it has zero emissions it really is a privilege to drive a vehicle like this” – Andy Bruce 

If you’d love to get behind the wheel of an I-Pace, take a trip into your local Lookers Jaguar dealership today and decide what you think for yourself.

Photo credit: Jaguar UK

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