Merry Christmaaaaaaas. Stay safe out there.

While we love Christmas here at Lookers, as proven by our Facebook Advent Calendar and sack full of Christmas blogs, the onset of the colder weather also means that we must, at times, get a little serious.

While we all like to dream of a White Christmas, the reality is usually quite different. While I’m looking forward to my 2 year old son building his first snowman, I’m less excited about death sliding into a roundabout when my brakes fail, or using my favourite CD (The Michael Bublé Christmas album at the moment obvs) as an emergency ice scraper at 7 in the morning.

So, to help keep you safe in the snow I’ve outlined some of the must have items you should be carrying in your car over the coming months.

De-Icer and Ice Scraper

I’ve already mentioned this one but it’s amazing how many times I’ve been caught without an ice-scraper and had to use the closest thing to hand. A CD case, a hot water bottle, next doors cat. I was desperate. I had an early morning meeting.



Emergency Mobile Phone

The last thing you want to happen when you get stuck in the fluffy white stuff is your mobile phone running out of battery. Easily done, particularly as the battery on my phone (not naming names but it rhymes with Bapple Tie Phone) seems to last 2 hours max. No, safer to keep a cheap, pay-as-you-go phone in the glovebox. I think it’s known among drug dealers as a burner phone. I’m not a drug dealer.



A Sleeping Bag/ Blanket

Having something to snuggle under should you find yourself waiting for the RAC to arrive is essential, particularly considering the below freezing temperatures we’ve all been experiencing lately. What it can’t do though is protect you from a pack of wolves once they pick up your scent in the snow. Or maybe that was just a Liam Neeson film that I watched once.



Jumper Cables

Whether you’ve accidentally left your lights on or the cold weather has drained your battery, this will bring your car back to life. Also handy to give your battery-powered heart a jolt in order to keep it ticking so that you can go on to fight more bad guys. Oops, sorry that was another film. Crank: High Voltage with Jason Statham. Scandal it didn’t win an Oscar.




Running out of fuel can be a major headache at any time of the year, but it’s definitely worse in the winter. Save yourself a tow and the tut-tut-tuts of your fellow passengers by keeping a small Jerrycan in your car. If you’re wondering where the name ‘Jerrycan’ came from (and I bet you are) you’ll be interested to know that it was invented by the Germans in the build up to WW2 and was coined by the Allied Forces who preferred it as its ribbed design was less prone to leakage.

See, you do learn stuff from this blog.




Apparently this is one of the things you should have in the car over the winter and not all year round. It’s just I always thought that my glove box made the perfect vending machine and my cup holder the ideal pick and mix trough. A few sweeties when you’re tired at the wheel or stuck waiting to be rescued could be a life saver.



An Emergency Escape Tool

Ok, granted, it would be pretty extreme if you had to break out of your car with a mini sledgehammer. However, if your car is anything like mine and is prone to freezing, a stuck car door and window could lead to a pretty scary situation, especially if Superman has bigger fish to fry that day.



So, there you have it. You and your car now take on winter and stay safe with the help of a Jerrycan, jump leads, a blanket, a Nokia 3210, a Michael Bublé CD, a toffee hammer and a few Jelly Babies.

Honestly, you’ll wonder how you ever drove in the winter without them.

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