Pamper your pooch with Land Rovers new paw-by-paw luxury range

Muddy paws, wet dog and branches that have been chewed into a million pieces. Taking your dog for a walk does not come without the aftermath. Now that the dog days of summer are over and – in the words of Lord Eddard “Ned” Stark from Games of Thrones – ‘winter is coming’, you’ll need a car with the right accessories for keeping your canine comfy in the back and for keeping the car in good knack!



Land Rover is all about enjoying the great outdoors and their new paw-by-paw range and portable packs offer tail-wagging luxury to let your pup relax on your way to the park, ride out to the reservoir or trip to the countryside. With over half of Land Rover and Range Rover owners being dog owners, they launched the range in a bid to provide a ship-shape kit for pampering their fur crazy friends.

Here’s how the accessories can help following a walk with your four-legged, sprightly tyke, protecting the inside of your vehicle whilst he/she stretches their legs (free from the guilt of getting paw prints on the back seat!):

1. Quilted Loadspace Liner Tray and Rubber Mat: Has the paddle through the puddles left your canine caked in mud? A premium Quilted Load Space Liner Tray and Rubber Mat have been designed to mucky pup proof your car, protecting the floor, rear seat backs and side wall carpets from unwanted marks. The easy-peasy-to-clean product is manufactured from a soft quilted fabric and has an integral rubber mat and detachable bumper protector.

2. Spill Resistant Water Bowl: With her trademark boisterous boing bopping up betwixt the heather of her daily dawdle; we nicknamed our first family pet ‘Kangaroo Jack’ – I sometimes wonder where on earth they get their energy from. After working up a thirst on your walk – or lightning speed sprint rather – your dog will be drooling for a drink. If you’re not treating your barking bud to a tipple of the latest doggy beer on the market, then you’ll at least need to be well-equipped with water, and the anti-slip Spill Resistant Water Bowl can keep hydration in order…

3. Full Luggage Partition Divider: The spacious boot of your robust paw-by-paw is so roomy that you can actually slice it in half. If you’re venturing to the beach with your beloved pets and have a cool box brimming with your own sarnies, crisps and cute fairy cakes, you may want to store this in the boot. What do you get when you cross a pooch with food? An all-your-dog-can-eat buffet. Why not divide the two with the Full Luggage Partition Divider? Just try not to dangle the bait too obviously. For your ever-peckish dog, that would be torture. Got a case of the terrible two, like Landy and Rover below? The divider can also come in handy for keeping the peace in the back.

4. Foldable Pet Carrier: No. This isn’t what you’re thinking. We’re not talking a Chihuahua Gucci surprise. Or a Pomeranian in a Prada. We’re talking practicality. Land Rover’s foldable pet carrier may not be the height of fashion, but it provides a safe, comfortable environment for the transportation of pets, making it ideal if you carry dogs or other pets in the loadspace area of their vehicle. It’s made from a durable material in 600D nylon, with Windsor leather carry handles to ensure a sturdy grip and a spring loaded locking mechanism if you need to p-p-p pick up your pet – which I’m assuming isn’t a penguin. The carrier also includes a quilted fabric cushion, net windows and a convenient side pocket for pet accessories and cherished toys to make your mutt feel right at home.

Carrier dimensions: 52cm, width 52cm, length 72cm

5. Pet Access Ramp: 4×4 cars, just like the Land Rover and Range Rover, are famous for their muscular frame and whilst the ground clearance makes it easy to drive on difficult terrains, for smaller/and older dogs, it could be an itty-bitty more far-fetched than the tennis ball retrieved earlier; they may be reluctant, or even unable, to make that leap from the ground up to the boot. The foldable pet access ramp, with straps to secure it to the loadspace, is a creature comfort, capable of supporting up 85kg. Perfect for loading your pooch into the boot, without the need to lift them, it features aluminium side panels and a plastic centre section with a high-grip tread pattern and rubber feet to prevent it from sliding around.

Ramp weight: 8kg

Ramp dimensions: 11cm, width 41cm, length when open 193cm and length when closed 83cm


Storage bag included

Remember, the Rear Height Adjust is a built-in feature and add-on on the loadspace of some Land Rover and Range Rover models. Using the electronic air suspension to lower or raise the height of the vehicle at the simple touch of a button, it can be a useful stepping stone for smaller dogs, or those who are no longer a spring chicken!

6. Portable Rinse System: Your soggy so and so of a dog has made a triumphant return from the river in a hodgepodge of sludge, soil and water that would give Mr. Messy a run for his money. Ideal for washing your pet before he/she clambers into the car, the portable rinse system holds up to 6.5-litres of water and delivers up to five minutes of continuous flow, depending on which of the five spray settings is being used. Not every day is a spa day so why not sneak in some dog shampoo too?

These woofly items have been placed into the accessible Pet Packs listed below and are available for every model in the Land Rover family and are priced from £360.37 in the UK.

• Pet Load Space Protection Pack, £482

Includes quilted load space liner, full-height luggage partition and spill-resistant water bowl

• Pet Transportation Pack, £360.37

Includes foldable pet carrier, spill-resistant water bowl and load space rubber mat

• Pet Care and Access Pack, £887.56

Includes full-height luggage partition, quilted load space liner, pet access ramp and portable rinse system

Accessories will be available to purchase as part of the Pet Packs above or individually dependant on customer choice.

To pick up these pet products and create a cosy space for your pooch in the boot, visit Lookers Land Rover or Taggarts Land Rover.

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