Seven of the world's most dangerous roads

North Yungas Road – Bolivia

The first road on our list has to be the North Yungas Road in Bolivia which has been given the unfortunate title of world's most dangerous road. The road which connects La Paz to Yungas has been given the nickname 'Death Road' thanks to the number of fatalities. It has been estimated that around 200-300 people die each year on the Yungas Road which is only 3 metres wide.

The road was constructed in the 1930's by locals to help aid deliveries to between the high and lowlands. Although the road has some of the most breath-taking views in the world it will be difficult to see for any driver, because of you take your eyes off the road for a second it could be fatal as it is set on a 100 metre cliff face. The Yungas Road is susceptible to extreme weather conditions including snow, wind and rain as well as landslides and falling rocks.


Tianmen Mountain Road – China

The Tianmen Mountain Road is one of the most unusual looking roads you will see anywhere in the world. Set in Tianmen Mountain National Park, the road has 99 turns to reach the top, the turns symbolise the nine steps to heaven.

The twisty road which was completed in 2006 is 6.8 miles long and is 1,300 metres above sea level. Once at the top the views are outstanding but beware when driving as one wrong turn and you could come off one of the tight turns.


Trans-Sahara Highway – Africa

This Trans-Sahara Highway was built in the 1970's to connect Algeirs in Algeria, to Lagos in Nigeria. What makes this road so dangerous is the length, its 2,800 miles long and the baron landscape. Situated across the desert the highway has scorching temperatures during the day, and with no access to food or water or supplies for miles it can be extremely dangerous if you break down.

The roads are paved but if it's a windy day the sand can cover up the path making it difficult to navigate. If you plan to travel this road you will need to have a 4WD car and will need to hire a local escort to take you to the border for safety reasons.


The Atlantic Road – Norway

The Atlantic Road in situated along the Norwegian coastline and is one of the most scenic and stunning drives in the world. On a clear day it's a joy to drive along this 5.1 mile long road taking in the beautiful Norwegian Sea.

The weather in this area is very unpredictable though and if there is high, fast winds you may find the sea coming towards you in high waves making the journey terrifying. The high twisty bridges may look great but if you have to drive over them in the wind and rain be very careful and of course keep all windows closed or you may find your car filled with freezing cold sea water.


BR-116 – Brazil – 'Highway of Death'

This BR-116 is one of the most dangerous roads in the world not only due to the way it has been built but because it is well known as one of the most active places for the sexual exploitation of children.

The road links the city of Fortaleza with Jaguarao near the Uruguayan border. It is 2,700 miles long and has lots of winding roads and steep cliffs that are unguarded making any wrong turn fatal.

Kabul - Jalabad Highway – Afghanistan

If you are planning on travelling through the Kabul-Jalabad Highway then beware of the numerous dangers that lie ahead. Although the road is set in the picturesque mountains with beautiful views it is pretty much impossible to enjoy them, whilst driving. The road has only two small lanes that are barely wide enough for cars let alone large trucks that often travel through here.

There is not much protection on the edges of the road meaning a small bump could send you spiralling down the mountain, the only traffic signs are provided by local children who use bottles to direct drivers also endangering their own lives. This highway is also a well know Taliban territory.


A285 – UK

In the UK our most dangerous roads is considered to be the A285 due to the amount of accidents it has seen over the years. The 12 mile road travels between Chichester and Petworth has saw the most crashes of any UK road between 2007 and 2012.

The local council has made vast improvements in the last few years to try and reduce the number of accidents which has so far been successful as the number has dropped over the last two years.


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