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Used Audi TT Cars for Sale

At Lookers Audi we want to ensure that buying a used Audi is an easy and enjoyable experience. Browse through our range of approved Used Audi TT cars available throughout the UK, or get in touch to book a test drive.

Discover quality used Audi TT cars for sale at Lookers Audi. An icon in modern motoring, the TT’s trademark design, sports suspension and extraordinary power push this third-generation icon of modern motoring to the top of the coupé class. 

Available in engine sizes of between 1.8 and 2.5L, the TT speaks for itself when it comes to power, offering a superb driving experience that astounds on every drive. Its sensational performance is matched only by its intuitive and driver-friendly interior, adorned with premium materials. 

Explore the range below and contact Lookers Audi to make an enquiry about buying a used Audi TT today.

Why buy a used Audi TT?


The Audi TTs exterior is an untouchable design statement – the pinnacle of the coupé aesthetic for over two decades now. Building on this triumph, newer versions have a new grille design, alongside wheel and colour options. Always fresh and compelling.


Customisation is key with the TT. Variants include the original Coupé and stylish convertible Roadster. There’s also a wide range of efficient, turbocharged engines, two-wheel and four-wheel drive options, alongside trim levels that offer climate control, xenon headlights and more upgrades.


Exuding confidence on the outside, the Audi TT is just as cool inside. The Virtual Cockpit digital dials are a delight and are used to switch between traditional dials, rev counter or luxury satnav in widescreen. Passengers will also love the sumptuous seats to sink into.

Where can I buy a used Audi TT? 

Lookers Audi offer a wide selection of used and new Audi TT cars to buy online. Our aim is to make the buying process as simple and enjoyable as possible.

Start your search by using our Find a Vehicle search tool to see models we have available.

If you would rather peruse our vehicles and get advice in person, travel to one of our Lookers Audi showrooms. Our expert team will be able to provide you with advice and guidance and are ready to help as soon as you arrive.

Find a used TT for sale at your nearest Lookers Audi showroom:

Ayr Audi
Basingstoke Audi
Edinburgh Audi
Farnborough Audi
Glasgow Audi
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Hamilton Audi
Newcastle Audi
Stirling Audi
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Wearside Audi

After purchasing your vehicle with us, make sure you take advantage of our servicing and parts aftersales care. MOT, services, repairs and replacement parts can all be booked with Lookers Audi.

Arrange a test drive 

Booking a second hand Audi TT test drive with Lookers Audi takes no time at all. On the day, our dedicated staff with be on-hand to ensure you get all the information you need to pick the right car for you.

Contact us today to book your test drive at Lookers Audi. 

Choose more used Audi cars 

Considering other Audi vehicles for your next purchase? Lookers Audi retail an huge selection of different models that could interest you. Explore some of our other Audi cars below. 

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Frequently asked questions 

How much does a used Audi TT cost?

The cost of a used Audi TT ranges between £3,200 to £58,535. The value and price of a vehicle will be dependent on the vehicle’s year of manufacture, version, condition and current mileage.

What miles per gallon does a used Audi TT get?

A used Audi TT has an average combined fuel economy range of 27 to 60 miles per gallon, according to the car version and its condition. This figure is also determined by Worldwide Harmonised Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) lab testing and Real Driving Emissions (RDE) testing.

What car insurance group is a used Audi TT in?

The Audi TT falls into insurance groups 30 to 46. The group it is categorised in is determined by the vehicle version.

What road tax band is a used Audi TT in?

The Audi TT falls into tax bands B to L. The latest WLTP scheme, which measures CO² emission levels in vehicles, determines a car’s tax band, alongside its age and version.

What is the average road tax cost for a used Audi TT?

Annual road tax for a used Audi TT ranges from £20 to £565.

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