Five superhero traits of the Audi A8: a spidey-style celebration of Avengers Infinity War

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is one of the most ambitious movie franchises in history and now, Avengers Infinity War is missioning onto the big screens. Ahead of National Superhero Day tomorrow, we thought we’d celebrate spidey style by taking a look back at the Audi A8 launch during the Spider-Man Homecoming Premiere last year.

The pinnacle of style and sophistication, the model has some superhero qualities of its own…

1. Strength:

The Audi Space Frame (ASF) structure consists of a lightweight yet high-strength aluminium frame structure which helps reduce fuel consumption while boosting agility and dynamics. If only it could crawl walls too…



2. Reflexes:

In the same way that Spiderman’s enhanced reflexes are beyond that of your average earthling (us), the system is beyond the abilities of semi-autonomous driving systems already on the market.

The clever traffic-jam pilot system has sharp Spiderman-like reactions, which scan surroundings with a front camera, plus radar sensor and in the words of Dr. Evil, ‘frickin’ laserrrrsss!’ – (sorry – I couldn’t pass up an Austin Powers reference.)

Let’s get back to business… the system lets the car accelerate, brake and steer in speeds up to 37mph, alerting the driver when it’s time to return to manual control and remote parking and garage pilots use sensors to help steer the vehicle in and out of available spaces. And get this for swish… the driver doesn’t even need to be in the car.



3. Your friendly neighbourhood Audi:

Protecting the community is top of the priority list for Mr. Spidey – with of course, his feather duster cleaning commitments following a close second – and for the Audi A8, protecting the environment is an absolute must. An automatic start-stop function switches off the engine and stops using fuel when the car comes to a halt, then restarts again as soon as you release the brake pedal.

A ‘friendly neighbourhood’ car, the rear cabin of the Audi A8 gives passengers extra legroom and the right seat can be turned into a ‘relaxation seat’, which presents the occupant in the backseat with a heated and massaging footrest. Fancy!



4. Durability:

Similar to Spiderman’s ability to stick to walls, racetrack Audi Quattro technology helps deliver better traction and grip on all surfaces.

The Quattro permanent all-wheel drive of the German Audi A8 aids acceleration and road-holding by distributing power to each individual wheel as necessary. In the same way that four brakes ensure better deceleration, four permanently-driven wheels aid acceleration and road-holding. The result? A dynamic driving experience whatever the weather! So it didn’t bat an eyelid at the belated snow we had this year.



Audi A8 spotted ‘undercover’ being tested for durability in December 2016 – it passed with flying colours!

5. Good instincts:

With a spider sense that tingles at the slightest inkling of impending danger, the superhero has heightened instincts, just like the Audi A8 does. A built-in sat nav, detailed map and 3D impressions graphics are all part of the Audi Virtual Cockpit to help you find your desired destination.

Audi Connect is another set of instinctive technologies, which come as part of the virtual cockpit and act as an on-board source for information about traffic, weather and directions.

Watch the Audi A8 in action in Spiderman Homecoming below…

Any Audi or Audi A8 fans among us? Why not let us know your verdict on the features talked about above by leaving a comment?

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